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Niibing means 'in the summer' in Anishinaabe. This name was inspired by the sacred land that I live on in Neebing, Ontario, Canada, a few short minutes from the Minnesota border. I respectfully acknowledge this Sacred Land known to me as Niibing (it is summer) on the western shores of Ktichigaming (the great lake), the traditional homelands of the Anishinaabeg.  It is between Animikii-Wiikwedong (Thunder Bay), the traditional homelands of Fort William First Nation, and Gichi Onigaming (Portage) the traditional homelands of Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. I am in relationship with this land that loves me, protects me, sustains me, entertains me, teaches me and so much more.


My paternal ancestry is Anishinaabe from north of Lake Superior and Cree/French from northern Manitoba and my maternal ancestry is from England through my great-grandmother. I purchased this land in 2017 to fulfil a lifelong dream to live in the bush next to water and also to offer tribal tourism opportunities to global visitors. My ancestors have been greeting visitors on Ktichigaming (Lake Superior) for thousands of years. I feel that when I am greeting visitors. It is important to me and to my role of Lodgekeeper to be welcoming and accommodating. As a Lodgekeeper, I was presented this Spiritual and cultural role through ceremony and gifted with the Spiritual guidance to conduct this work for all people, Indigenous and non-Indigenous. I am very passionate about this work and share the concepts of 'All My Relations' and our interconnectedness with the animals, trees, plants, mountains, water and all the other beings of Mother Earth. It is my life’s work.


​I am excited to offer these opportunities to you to experience and learn about local culture through my Anishinaabe lens, such as:

  • offerings to the water beings of Ktichigaming (meaning big lake for Lake Superior)

  • after a gift of sameh (tobacco), picking up rocks to paint

  • harvesting your own medicines (sage, sweetgrass, cedar, tobacco)

  • making a sweetgrass braid

  • participating in a smudging ceremony (using sage or sweetgrass)

  • making a medicine bag to put your plant medicines in

  • harvesting red dog wood and making dreamcatcher

  • learning some hand drum songs around the campfire


I will pick you up at the Thunder Bay international airport and provide your road transportation for our excursions and land-based cultural experiences. Together we will visit some amazing sites and I will share the local Indigenous history with you through my lens, such as:

  • Kakabeka Falls

  • Mount McKay

  • Marina Park

  • Amethyst Mine Panorama

  • Ouimet Canyon

  • Silver Islet

  • Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

  • old white pine stand


I am open to share the combination of initiating/fostering relationship with the land and the local Anishinaabe culture with domestic and international visitors with various heritages and backgrounds. The pricing is affordable for families and organizations looking to get their clients out on the land.

Perhaps individuals are:

  • seeking rest and rejuvenation

  • seeking a connection with Mother Earth

  • looking for Spiritual inspiration

  • looking to see the special Indigenous sites in region

  • wanting to learn more about the Anishinaabe culture in a safe space


Potential feelings activated by the experiences I offer:

  • Self-reflection

  • Richer understanding of self

  • Deeper connection with nature

  • Better understanding of Anishinaabe people

  • Greater appreciation for the beauty of our land


Please contact me at for more information.

The promo below provides a snapshot of what is being offered at Niibing Tribal Tours including tenting. There are also day passes available and arrangements can be made for day experiences.

Niibing Tribal Tours Tenting Weekend Package
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