Identity & Purpose GUIDE

The Circle

My Indigenous ancestry has brought me to this amazing physical and cultural space to share these fundamental understandings with you. I believe that we are all part of this beautiful circle. Each person brings value and gifts to the circle, no matter your background or race. Everyone in the circle is equal. I am offering this opportunity to you to consider your identity and purpose.

Standing Strong of the Ojibwe Tribe

Are you ready to explore?

1. What gifts do you bring to the circle and to the world?
2. Would you like to learn more about your Spirit Animal Guides?
3. Are you ready to experience the Indigenous way of life? 

Included in my Services

1. Private and confidential sessions, 3 times a season, once a month for 3 months.

2. Behind the scenes, rituals, energy working, 2 hours of preparation 2 hours of follow up after your session.

3. Two hours meeting with you one-on-one session using Zoom or in person when possible.

4. Arrange for 20 minute complimentary consultation by emailing me at

5. Pricing is $600CA per month or $1,800 per season.